Our Here I Am workshop  is a one-day event that takes place in various locations across London. Part memoir, part art class, part group therapy, it offers a chance to lift our eyes above our daily routines and reflect on what really matters to us.


In the morning, participants are encouraged to think and talk about key moments in their lives, coaxing memories from the recesses of our minds where they may have been lurking. We share and reflect with one another on the things that give our life meaning, and group members individually decide which episodes to focus upon in their books.


After a convivial lunch provided by us, the group settles down to the 'making' part of the workshop. Using a range of art materials as well as any artefacts, such as ticket stubs, dried flowers or scraps of newspaper clippings brought from home, participants paint, draw, glue, stitch, photograph and write their stories into the hand-made accordion books we provide. 


Here I Am also runs in-house workshops for groups of friends and workplaces, as well as specially-adapted sessions for children who respond particularly well to the immediacy of the visual medium.

Enjoy some photos from our most recent workshop!

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