Hand-crafted Accordion books and Bound books
filled with your memories 


Start Your Story is a collaboration between university friends Camilla Marriott and Simonetta Wenkert, whose passion is to provide an opportunity for people to tell their life stories face to face.


We record, transcribe and edit these interviews, and produce beautiful books full of precious memories to enjoy now and in the future. As well as conventional Bound books, Start Your Story also offers bespoke Accordion books- exquisite handmade artefacts with illustrations and line drawings which can be displayed on a mantelpiece.


Start Your Story also runs one-day memoir writing and bookmaking workshops across London.


First Meeting

During our preliminary meeting, we will explore the best way to approach your life story. You may want to go into depth and detail, in which case a conventional Bound book will offer the space you need. Alternatively, you may like to capture your favourite episodes in a more succinct way in the form of an Accordion book. Both types of book can be enriched with photos and illustrations.

Telling your Story

Once you have decided which kind of book you would like, we meet in your home or another place of your choice for a number of face-to-face interviews, where you can relax into telling your story, and where we listen, encourage and help you identify the key moments of your life that you wish to commit to paper.

 Layout, Printing and Delivery

After transcribing and editing these interviews, we will send you a draft of the text to read through, and you will have a chance to make changes or additions. Once you are satisfied, we will help you select your favourite photos to accompany the text and, for a truly personal touch, one of our illustrators can add line drawings. Finally, the finished volume will be sent to you, and you can order as many extra copies as you wish.  


Start Your Story is delighted to announce its collaboration with The Refettorio Felix at St Cuthbert’s in Earl’s Court, a charity that for almost thirty years has been dedicated to alleviating homelessness and helping vulnerable people transform their lives.

Start Your Story collaborates with The Refettorio Felix

Start Your Story runs its first workshop. 

We do our first memoir writing workshop

"It’s been a wonderful opportunity to go through all the areas of my life and enjoy them all over again. I hope the book will be a way for my grandchildren to know what life was like in my time."

-Delia, Client

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